01.06 Dhīrā (6)


6. Dhīrā, attain cessation, the stilling of evil notions, happiness; gain quenching, unsurpassed rest-from-exertion.


Look closely, my heart.

See how all things

arise and pass away—

even that

which is turning

the shapes on this page

into the sounds

and thoughts

you are

right now

silently speaking

to yourself.

When you no longer need

to read the signs

to find your way,

you’ll know for yourself

that books and maps

can only get you so far.

There is a direct path.


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  1. Here, I think he was looking at e.g. Bhante Sujato’s translation which has “touch cessation, the blissful stilling of perception.”

    He seems to have totally misunderstood what is meant by this phrase, turning a roaring celebration of nibbāna into a smug, anti-intellectual petulance: feelings are, for this author (of a book!), a superior source of truth than “books.”

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