01.02 Muttā Therī (2)

Read aloud in New Book Network Podcast Norman 2. Muttā, be freed from ties, as the moon is freed from the demon (“seizer”) Rahu; with mind completely freed, without debt, enjoy your alms-food. Weingast One morning after begging for my food— looking down at one more meal I hadn’t worked for, hadn’t paid for, hadn’t… Continue reading 01.02 Muttā Therī (2)

02.10 Sāmā Therī (37-38)

Norman 37. Four or five times I went out from my cell, not having obtained peace of mind, my mind being unsubmissive. 38. This is the eighth night since my craving was completely rooted out. Delighting in vigilance because of many painful objects, I have obtained the annihilation of craving. I have done the Buddha’s… Continue reading 02.10 Sāmā Therī (37-38)

02.08 Abhayamātā Therī [Abhaya’s Mother] (33-34)

Norman 33. Mother, from the soles of the feet upwards, from the head and hair downwards, consider this impure, evil-smelling body. 34. As I dwell in this way all my desire has been rooted out; the burning fever has been cut out; I have become cool, quenched. Weingast I once spent a week in bed… Continue reading 02.08 Abhayamātā Therī [Abhaya’s Mother] (33-34)

01.18 Saṅghā Therī (18)

Norman 18. Giving up my house, gone forth, giving up son, cattle, and whatever was dear to me, giving up desire and hatred, and discarding ignorance, plucking out craving root and all, I have become stilled, quenched. Weingast When I left the only home I’d ever known, I thought I’d left everything behind. But I… Continue reading 01.18 Saṅghā Therī (18)

01.17 Dhammā Therī (17)

Read aloud in “Pamela Weiss Hosts Matty Weingast” Norman 17. I wandered for alms, leaning on a stick, weak; with trembling limbs I fell to the ground in that very spot. Seeing peril in the body, then my mind was completely released. Weingast Another day walking in circles with an empty bowl. Leaning on my… Continue reading 01.17 Dhammā Therī (17)

02.09 Abhayā Theri (35-36)

Norman 35. Abhaya, fragile is the body, to which ordinary individuals are attached. Attentive and possessed of mindfulness, I shall discard this body. 36. Delighting in vigilance because of many painful objects, I have obtained the annihilation of craving. I have done the Buddha’s teaching. Weingast This body you carry around is like a small… Continue reading 02.09 Abhayā Theri (35-36)

01.16 Sumanā, who went forth when old [Grandma Sumana] (16)

Norman 16. Lie down happily, old lady, clad in the garment which you have made; for your desire is stilled; you have become cool, quenched. Weingast After all those years looking after others, this old heart has finally learned to look after itself. Each act of kindness a stitch in this warm blanket that now… Continue reading 01.16 Sumanā, who went forth when old [Grandma Sumana] (16)

01.14 Sumanā Therī

Norman 14. Seeing the elements as pain, do not come to birth again; discarding desire for existence, you will wander, stilled. Weingast Walk through the mind all day and all night. When you find each thought ending right where it began— here your circling ends. Other Bhikkhu Sujato, including Pāli Caroline Rhys Davids, including commentary… Continue reading 01.14 Sumanā Therī