01.03 Puṇṇā Therī (3)

Read aloud in New Book Network Podcast Read aloud in “Pamela Weiss Hosts Matty Weingast” Norman 3. Puṇṇā, be filled with good mental states, as full as the moon on the fifteenth day; with fulfilled wisdom tear asunder the mass of darkness [of ignorance]. Weingast Fill yourself with the Dharma. When you are as full… Continue reading 01.03 Puṇṇā Therī (3)

01.06 Dhīrā (6)

Norman 6. Dhīrā, attain cessation, the stilling of evil notions, happiness; gain quenching, unsurpassed rest-from-exertion. Weingast Look closely, my heart. See how all things arise and pass away— even that which is turning the shapes on this page into the sounds and thoughts you are right now silently speaking to yourself. When you no longer… Continue reading 01.06 Dhīrā (6)

01.02 Muttā Therī (2)

Read aloud in New Book Network Podcast Norman 2. Muttā, be freed from ties, as the moon is freed from the demon (“seizer”) Rahu; with mind completely freed, without debt, enjoy your alms-food. Weingast One morning after begging for my food— looking down at one more meal I hadn’t worked for, hadn’t paid for, hadn’t… Continue reading 01.02 Muttā Therī (2)

03.01 Another Sāmā Therī (39-41)

Norman 39. Twenty-five years have passed since I went forth. I am not aware of having obtained peace of mind at any time. 40. Without peace of mind, my mind being unsubmissive, then I reached a state of religious excitement, remembering the teaching of the conqueror. 41. Delighting in vigilance because of many painful objects,… Continue reading 03.01 Another Sāmā Therī (39-41)

02.10 Sāmā Therī (37-38)

Norman 37. Four or five times I went out from my cell, not having obtained peace of mind, my mind being unsubmissive. 38. This is the eighth night since my craving was completely rooted out. Delighting in vigilance because of many painful objects, I have obtained the annihilation of craving. I have done the Buddha’s… Continue reading 02.10 Sāmā Therī (37-38)

02.08 Abhayamātā Therī [Abhaya’s Mother] (33-34)

Norman 33. Mother, from the soles of the feet upwards, from the head and hair downwards, consider this impure, evil-smelling body. 34. As I dwell in this way all my desire has been rooted out; the burning fever has been cut out; I have become cool, quenched. Weingast I once spent a week in bed… Continue reading 02.08 Abhayamātā Therī [Abhaya’s Mother] (33-34)