03.01 Another Sāmā Therī (39-41)


39. Twenty-five years have passed since I went forth. I am not aware of having obtained peace of mind at any time.

40. Without peace of mind, my mind being unsubmissive, then I reached a state of religious excitement, remembering the teaching of the conqueror.

41. Delighting in vigilance because of many painful objects, I have obtained the annihilation of craving. I have done the Buddha’s teaching. Today is the seventh day since my craving was dried up.


After twenty-five years on the Path,

I’d experienced almost everything—

except peace.

When I was young,

my mother told me

that I would find true happiness

only in marriage.

Remembering her words all those years later,

something in me began to tremble.

I gave myself to the trembling—

and it showed me

all the pain

this little heart

had ever known.

And how countless lives of searching

had brought me

at last

to the present moment,

which I happily married.

Can you imagine?

We’ve been

living together

ever since,


a single



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