02.08 Abhayamātā Therī [Abhaya’s Mother] (33-34)

Norman 33. Mother, from the soles of the feet upwards, from the head and hair downwards, consider this impure, evil-smelling body. 34. As I dwell in this way all my desire has been rooted out; the burning fever has been cut out; I have become cool, quenched. Weingast I once spent a week in bed… Continue reading 02.08 Abhayamātā Therī [Abhaya’s Mother] (33-34)

06.3 Khemā Therī (139-144)

Norman 139. “You are young and beautiful; I also am young and in my prime. Come, Khemā, let us delight ourselves with the fivefold music.” 140. I am afflicted by and ashamed of this foul body, diseased, perish able. Craving for sensual pleasures has been rooted out. 141. Sensual pleasures are like swords and stakes;… Continue reading 06.3 Khemā Therī (139-144)