01.06 Dhīrā (6)

Norman 6. Dhīrā, attain cessation, the stilling of evil notions, happiness; gain quenching, unsurpassed rest-from-exertion. Weingast Look closely, my heart. See how all things arise and pass away— even that which is turning the shapes on this page into the sounds and thoughts you are right now silently speaking to yourself. When you no longer… Continue reading 01.06 Dhīrā (6)

06.5 Anopamā Therī (151-156)

Norman 151. I was born in an exalted family, which had much property and much wealth. I possessed a good complexion and figure, being Majjha’s own daughter. 152. I was sought after by kings’ sons, longed for by merchants’ sons; one sent my father a messenger, saying, “Give me Anopama. 153. “However much that daughter… Continue reading 06.5 Anopamā Therī (151-156)