01.06 Dhīrā (6)

Norman 6. Dhīrā, attain cessation, the stilling of evil notions, happiness; gain quenching, unsurpassed rest-from-exertion. Weingast Look closely, my heart. See how all things arise and pass away— even that which is turning the shapes on this page into the sounds and thoughts you are right now silently speaking to yourself. When you no longer… Continue reading 01.06 Dhīrā (6)

05.12 Candā Therī (122-126)

Norman 122. Formerly I fared ill, a widow, without children. Without friends and relations I did not obtain food or clothing. 123. Taking a bowl and stick, begging from family to family, and being burned by cold and heat, I wandered for seven years. 124. But then I saw a bhikkhunī who had obtained food… Continue reading 05.12 Candā Therī (122-126)

06.8 Vijayā (169-174)

Read aloud in “Ayya Anandabodhi & Matty Weingast’s Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay – Silicon Valley” Read aloud in “Pamela Weiss Hosts Matty Weingast” Norman 169. Four or five times I went forth from my cell, not having obtained peace of mind, my mind being unsubmissive. 170. I approached a bhikkhuni, honoured her,… Continue reading 06.8 Vijayā (169-174)