02.09 Abhayā Theri (35-36)

Norman 35. Abhaya, fragile is the body, to which ordinary individuals are attached. Attentive and possessed of mindfulness, I shall discard this body. 36. Delighting in vigilance because of many painful objects, I have obtained the annihilation of craving. I have done the Buddha’s teaching. Weingast This body you carry around is like a small… Continue reading 02.09 Abhayā Theri (35-36)

05.11 Thirty bhikkhunīs (117-121)

Read aloud in “Pamela Weiss Hosts Matty Weingast” Norman 117. “Having taken pestles, young men grind corn; nourishing wives and children, young men find wealth. 118. “Do the Buddha’s teaching; having done it one does not repent. Wash your feet quickly and sit down on one side. Intent on peace of mind, do the Buddha’s… Continue reading 05.11 Thirty bhikkhunīs (117-121)

09.1 Vaḍḍha’s mother (204-212)

Read aloud in the New Book Network Podcast. Weingast’s title is “Vaddha’s Mother ~ A Mother’s Mother” Norman 204. “May you not have, Vaḍḍha, craving for the world at any time. Child, do not share in pain again and again. 205. “The sages dwell happily indeed, Vaḍḍha, free from lust, with doubts cut off, become… Continue reading 09.1 Vaḍḍha’s mother (204-212)

03.05 Ubbirī Therī (51-53)

Note: The commentary makes it clear that the daughters all belong to Ubbirī. And it is not just some voice, but the Buddha: “…’Burnt in this cemetery are some 84,000 of thy daughters. For which of them dost thou weep?’ …” Norman 51. Mother, you cry out “O Jīvā” in the wood; understand yourself, Ubbirī.… Continue reading 03.05 Ubbirī Therī (51-53)