02.02 Jentā (21-22)


21. I have developed all these seven constituents of awakening, the ways for the attainment of quenching, as taught by the Buddha.

22. I have indeed seen that blessed one; this is the last body; journeying-on from rebirth to rebirth has been completely annihilated; there is now no renewed existence.


I was forever getting lost,

until one day the Buddha told me:

To walk this Path,

you will need seven friends—

mindfulness, curiosity,

courage, joy,

calm, stillness,

and perspective.

For many years, these friends and I have traveled together.

Sometimes wandering in circles.

Sometimes taking the long way around.

There were days when I thought I couldn’t go on.

There were days when I thought I was finally beaten.

It’s scary to give all of yourself to just one thing.

What if you don’t make it?

Oh, my heart.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Train yourself

to train


a little

more gently.


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