01.03 Puṇṇā Therī (3)

Read aloud in New Book Network Podcast Read aloud in “Pamela Weiss Hosts Matty Weingast” Norman 3. Puṇṇā, be filled with good mental states, as full as the moon on the fifteenth day; with fulfilled wisdom tear asunder the mass of darkness [of ignorance]. Weingast Fill yourself with the Dharma. When you are as full… Continue reading 01.03 Puṇṇā Therī (3)

05.10 Patācārā Therī (112-116)

Norman 112. Ploughing the field with ploughs, sowing seeds in the ground, nourishing wives and children, young men find wealth. 113. Why do I, possessed of virtuous conduct, complying with the teaching of the teacher, not obtain quenching? I am not slack, nor puffed-up. 114. I washed my feet and paid attention to the waters;… Continue reading 05.10 Patācārā Therī (112-116)