16.1 Sumedhā Therī (448-512)

Norman 448. In the city of Mantāvatī there was Sumedhā, a daughter of King Koñca’s chief queen; she was converted by those who comply with the teaching. 449. Virtuous, a brilliant speaker, having great learning, trained in the Buddha’s teaching, going up to her mother and father she said, “Listen, both of you. 450. “I… Continue reading 16.1 Sumedhā Therī (448-512)

15.1 Isidāsī Therī (400-447)

Norman 400. In the city named after a flower, Pataliputta, in the best part of the earth, there were two bhikkhunīs, members of the Sakya clan, possessed of good qualities. 401. One of them was called Isidāsī; the second was called Bodhi. Both possessed virtue, delighted in meditation and study, and had great learning. They… Continue reading 15.1 Isidāsī Therī (400-447)