01.08 Mittā Therī (8)

Norman 8. Mittā, having gone forth in faith, be one who delights in friends (mitta); develop good mental states for the attainment of rest-from-exertion. Weingast Full of trust you left home, and soon learned to walk the Path— making yourself a friend to everyone and making everyone a friend. When the whole world is your… Continue reading 01.08 Mittā Therī (8)

02.01 Nandā [Abhirūpanandā] (19-20)

Weingast titles this poem “Abhirupananda ~ Delighting in Beauty” Norman 19. Nanda, see the body, diseased, impure, rotten; develop the mind, intent and well-concentrated, for contemplation of the unpleasant. 20.And develop the signless, cast out the latent tendency to conceit. Then by the full understanding of conceit, you will wander, stilled. Weingast Haven’t you spent… Continue reading 02.01 Nandā [Abhirūpanandā] (19-20)

03.01 Another Sāmā Therī (39-41)

Norman 39. Twenty-five years have passed since I went forth. I am not aware of having obtained peace of mind at any time. 40. Without peace of mind, my mind being unsubmissive, then I reached a state of religious excitement, remembering the teaching of the conqueror. 41. Delighting in vigilance because of many painful objects,… Continue reading 03.01 Another Sāmā Therī (39-41)

06.1 Pañcasatā Paṭācāra Therī (127-132)

Weingast’s title is “The Five Hundred.” Norman 127. “Whose way you do not know, either coming or going, why do you lament that being [who has] come, crying ‘My son’? 128. “But you do not grieve for him whose way you do know, either coming or going; for such is the nature of living creatures.… Continue reading 06.1 Pañcasatā Paṭācāra Therī (127-132)

05.07 Sakulā Theri (97-101)

Norman 97. Living in a house, I heard the doctrine from a bhikkhu and saw the stainless doctrine, quenching, the unshaken state. 98. I abandoned son and daughter and money and grain; I had my hair cutoff and went forth into the houseless state. 99. Undergoing training, developing the straight way, I eliminated desire and… Continue reading 05.07 Sakulā Theri (97-101)