01.17 Dhammā Therī (17)

Read aloud in “Pamela Weiss Hosts Matty Weingast” Norman 17. I wandered for alms, leaning on a stick, weak; with trembling limbs I fell to the ground in that very spot. Seeing peril in the body, then my mind was completely released. Weingast Another day walking in circles with an empty bowl. Leaning on my… Continue reading 01.17 Dhammā Therī (17)

05.07 Sakulā Theri (97-101)

Norman 97. Living in a house, I heard the doctrine from a bhikkhu and saw the stainless doctrine, quenching, the unshaken state. 98. I abandoned son and daughter and money and grain; I had my hair cutoff and went forth into the houseless state. 99. Undergoing training, developing the straight way, I eliminated desire and… Continue reading 05.07 Sakulā Theri (97-101)

06.2 Vāsiṭṭhī Therī (133-138)

Norman 133. Afflicted by grief for my son, with mind deranged, out of my senses, naked, and with dishevelled hair, I wandered here and there. 134. I dwelt on rubbish heaps in the streets, in a cemetery, and on highways; I wandered for three years, consigned to hunger and thirst. 135. Then I saw the… Continue reading 06.2 Vāsiṭṭhī Therī (133-138)

06.3 Khemā Therī (139-144)

Norman 139. “You are young and beautiful; I also am young and in my prime. Come, Khemā, let us delight ourselves with the fivefold music.” 140. I am afflicted by and ashamed of this foul body, diseased, perish able. Craving for sensual pleasures has been rooted out. 141. Sensual pleasures are like swords and stakes;… Continue reading 06.3 Khemā Therī (139-144)

09.1 Vaḍḍha’s mother (204-212)

Read aloud in the New Book Network Podcast. Weingast’s title is “Vaddha’s Mother ~ A Mother’s Mother” Norman 204. “May you not have, Vaḍḍha, craving for the world at any time. Child, do not share in pain again and again. 205. “The sages dwell happily indeed, Vaḍḍha, free from lust, with doubts cut off, become… Continue reading 09.1 Vaḍḍha’s mother (204-212)

07.1 Uttarā Therī (175-181)

Norman 175. “Young men take pestles and grind corn; nourishing wives and children, young men find wealth. 176. “Strive after the Buddha’s teaching; having done it one does not repent. Wash your feet quickly and sit down on one side. 177. “Summoning up the mind, intent and well-concentrated, consider the constituent elements as other, and… Continue reading 07.1 Uttarā Therī (175-181)

08.1 Sīsūpacālā Therī (196-203)

Norman 196. A bhikkhunī, possessed of virtue, well-controlled in her faculties, should obtain the peaceful state, never causing surfeit, of sweet flavour. 197. “The Tāvatiṁsa and Yāma and Tusita divinities, the Nimmānarati deities, and the Vasavatti deities; apply your mind there, where you lived before.” 198. The Tāvatiṁsa and Yāma and Tusita divinities, the Nimmānarati… Continue reading 08.1 Sīsūpacālā Therī (196-203)