01.02 Muttā Therī (2)

Read aloud in New Book Network Podcast Norman 2. Muttā, be freed from ties, as the moon is freed from the demon (“seizer”) Rahu; with mind completely freed, without debt, enjoy your alms-food. Weingast One morning after begging for my food— looking down at one more meal I hadn’t worked for, hadn’t paid for, hadn’t… Continue reading 01.02 Muttā Therī (2)

05.05 Nanduttarā Therī (87-91)

Norman 87. I used to worship fire and the moon and the sun and divinities. I went to river-fording places and used to go down into the water. 88. Undertaking many vows, I shaved half my head; I made my bed on the ground; I did not eat night-food. 89. Delighting in ornament and decoration,… Continue reading 05.05 Nanduttarā Therī (87-91)

05.06 Mittakālī Therī (92-96)

Norman 92. I went forth in faith from the house to the houseless state and wandered here and there, greedy for gain and honour. 93. I missed the highest goal and pursued the lowest goal. Gone under the mastery of the defilements, I did not know the goal of the ascetic’s state. 94. I experienced… Continue reading 05.06 Mittakālī Therī (92-96)

05.12 Candā Therī (122-126)

Norman 122. Formerly I fared ill, a widow, without children. Without friends and relations I did not obtain food or clothing. 123. Taking a bowl and stick, begging from family to family, and being burned by cold and heat, I wandered for seven years. 124. But then I saw a bhikkhunī who had obtained food… Continue reading 05.12 Candā Therī (122-126)