02.09 Abhayā Theri (35-36)

Norman 35. Abhaya, fragile is the body, to which ordinary individuals are attached. Attentive and possessed of mindfulness, I shall discard this body. 36. Delighting in vigilance because of many painful objects, I have obtained the annihilation of craving. I have done the Buddha’s teaching. Weingast This body you carry around is like a small… Continue reading 02.09 Abhayā Theri (35-36)

01.14 Sumanā Therī

Norman 14. Seeing the elements as pain, do not come to birth again; discarding desire for existence, you will wander, stilled. Weingast Walk through the mind all day and all night. When you find each thought ending right where it began— here your circling ends. Other Bhikkhu Sujato, including Pāli Caroline Rhys Davids, including commentary… Continue reading 01.14 Sumanā Therī

06.7 Guttā Therī (163-168)

Norman 163. Guttā, giving up your son and the wealth [which are] dear [to you], devote yourself to that very thing for the sake of which you went forth. Do not go under the influence of mind. 164. Creatures, deceived by mind, delighting in Māra’s realm, run through the journeying on of numerous rebirths, ignorant.… Continue reading 06.7 Guttā Therī (163-168)

16.1 Sumedhā Therī (448-512)

Norman 448. In the city of Mantāvatī there was Sumedhā, a daughter of King Koñca’s chief queen; she was converted by those who comply with the teaching. 449. Virtuous, a brilliant speaker, having great learning, trained in the Buddha’s teaching, going up to her mother and father she said, “Listen, both of you. 450. “I… Continue reading 16.1 Sumedhā Therī (448-512)

02.07 Mittā [Another Mitta] (31-32)

Weingast’s title is “Another Mitta ~ Friend” This poem is read in the New Book Network Podcast. Norman 31. The fourteenth, the fifteenth, and the eighth day of the fortnight, and a special day of the fortnight, I kept as a fast-day, which is well-connected with the eightfold precepts. I longed for rebirth in the… Continue reading 02.07 Mittā [Another Mitta] (31-32)