01.11 [Another] Muttā Therī (11)

Read aloud in “Pamela Weiss Hosts Matty Weingast” Norman 11. I am well-released, properly released by my release from the three crooked things, from the mortar, the pestle, and my crooked husband. I am released from birth and death; everything which leads to renewed existence has been rooted out. Weingast So this is what it… Continue reading 01.11 [Another] Muttā Therī (11)

03.08 Somā Theri (60-62)

Read aloud in the New Book Network Podcast. Norman 60. That place, hard to gain, which is to be attained by the seers, cannot be attained by a woman with two-finger-intelligence (= very little intelligence). 61. What harm could the woman’s state do to us, when the mind is well concentrated, when knowledge exists for… Continue reading 03.08 Somā Theri (60-62)

05.05 Nanduttarā Therī (87-91)

Norman 87. I used to worship fire and the moon and the sun and divinities. I went to river-fording places and used to go down into the water. 88. Undertaking many vows, I shaved half my head; I made my bed on the ground; I did not eat night-food. 89. Delighting in ornament and decoration,… Continue reading 05.05 Nanduttarā Therī (87-91)

02.03 A certain unknown bhikkhuni [Sumangala’s Mother] (23-24)

Read aloud in “Pamela Weiss Hosts Matty Weingast” Weingast, as well as others, title this “Sumangala’s Mother” Because Weingast’s poem is closer to that of Ajahn Thanissaro’s, it is presented next to that one first. Note: There is not implicit or explicit sexual meaning in the Pali. Ven Thanissaro So freed! So freed!So thoroughly freed… Continue reading 02.03 A certain unknown bhikkhuni [Sumangala’s Mother] (23-24)