03.07 Selā Therī (57-59)


57. There is no escape in the world; what will you do with seclusion? Enjoy the delights of sensual pleasures; do not repent afterwards.

58. Sensual pleasures are like swords and stakes; the elements of existence are a chopping block for them; the delight in sensual pleasures of which you speak is now no delight for me.

59. Everywhere enjoyment of pleasure is defeated; the mass of darkness [of ignorance] is torn asunder; in this way know, evil one, you are defeated, death.


Long after the front gate swung closed behind me,

I could still hear them:

Why talk so much about death?

Find a husband to share your bed.

Bring children into the world

to leave behind after you’re gone.

But ever since I invited my own death into bed with me,

I no longer feel lonely or afraid of the dark.

What do we really bring into the world?

What do we leave behind?

A gate swings closed—

then opens.

Where does it come from?

Where does it all go?


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