03.06 Sukkā Therī (54-56)


54. What has happened to these men in Rajagaha? They remain as though they have drunk wine. They do not attend upon Sukkā when she is preaching the Buddha’s teaching.

55. But the wise drink the teaching, I think, which is not repellent, never causing surfeit, of sweet flavour, as travellers drink a rain- cloud.

56. You are Sukkā because of your bright (sukka) mental states, being rid of desire, concentrated. Bear your last body, having conquered Māra and his mount.


It wasn’t so long ago

that all the men in town

knew my name.

Now that I wear a shaved head and double robe,

they don’t pay any attention.

They just lie around drinking wine all day.

Why tie yourself to a bottle?

When the next watering hole is far ahead

and the last watering hole is far behind,

I could teach you how to drink

what falls from the sky.

Look at me.

Even on the darkest night,

I could show you

where to find



to make

your way

back home.


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