03.08 Somā Theri (60-62)

Read aloud in the New Book Network Podcast.


60. That place, hard to gain, which is to be attained by the seers, cannot be attained by a woman with two-finger-intelligence (= very little intelligence).

61. What harm could the woman’s state do to us, when the mind is well concentrated, when knowledge exists for someone rightly having insight into the doctrine ?

62. Everywhere enjoyment of pleasure is defeated; the mass of darkness [of ignorance] is torn asunder; in this way know, evil one, you are defeated, death.


He said:

How could a woman,

who knows no more than how to cook,

clean, and make babies,

possibly reach the further shore—

on the way to which so many good men

have drowned or turned back?

I said:

The mind is neither male nor female.

When directed towards the arising

and passing away

of all things,

it easily penetrates

this mass of darkness.

Be serious.

What’s a few inches of meat

compared to the immeasurable reaches

of the liberated mind?


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