06.7 Guttā Therī (163-168)


163. Guttā, giving up your son and the wealth [which are] dear [to you], devote yourself to that very thing for the sake of which you went forth. Do not go under the influence of mind.

164. Creatures, deceived by mind, delighting in Māra’s realm, run through the journeying on of numerous rebirths, ignorant.

165. Desire for sensual pleasures, and malevolence, and the false view of individuality, misapprehension about rules of virtuous conduct and vows, and uncertainty fifth —

166. bhikkhunī, abandoning these fetters, which lead to the lower-world, you will not come to this again.

167. Avoiding desire, pride, and ignorance, and conceit, cutting the fetters, you will put an end to pain.

168. Annihilating journeying on from rebirth to rebirth, comprehending and giving up renewed existence, you will wander in the world of phenomena, without hunger, stilled.


Going forth is no game.

We leave whole lives behind—

not just people and possessions.

All your wants.

All your fears.

All the little rituals

that get you through the day

and tuck you in at night.

Only see that all these pretty wooden pieces

aren’t you—

and don’t belong to you.

They belong to the game.

I know it’s comforting to count up all the squares,

run your fingers along the edge of the board,

and plan out all your moves ahead of time.

The world beyond the table only seems dark—

like empty space.

It’s okay to be afraid.


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