05.07 Sakulā Theri (97-101)


97. Living in a house, I heard the doctrine from a bhikkhu and saw the stainless doctrine, quenching, the unshaken state.

98. I abandoned son and daughter and money and grain; I had my hair cutoff and went forth into the houseless state.

99. Undergoing training, developing the straight way, I eliminated desire and hatred and the āsavas which are combined with these.

100. I was ordained as a bhikkhunī and recollected that I had been born before. The divine eye has been purified; it is spotless, well-developed.

101. Seeing the constituent elements as other, arisen causally, liable to dissolution, I eliminated all āsavas; I have become cool, quenched.


I once gave all of myself

to being the perfect wife and mother.

Then I heard the teachings of the Buddha.

I saw the arising and passing away of what was wife

and said goodbye to my husband.

I saw the arising and passing away of what was mother

and said goodbye to my children.

What was left I gave to the Path.

Oh, my sisters.

You never had to be perfect.

If there is something in these teachings

calling out to you,

it’s because something in you

is calling out to these teachings.

The Path will take you

whenever you’re ready—

just as you are.


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