02.06 Mettikā Therī


29. Although I am pained, weak, with my youth gone, I go along leaning on a stick, having climbed the mountain.

30. I threw down my outer robe and turned my bowl upside down. I sat down on a rock. Then my mind was completely released. I have obtained the three knowledges. I have done the Buddha’s teaching.


I know my older sister passed this way.

At the top of the mountain,

I spread my outer robe

where perhaps

she once spread hers.

I set down my bowl—

and there was her staff.

The twin of my own.

Using both staffs,

I lowered myself down

and leaned back

against a large

gray rock.

I let go of the staffs—

and my hands were empty.

The mountain went on holding me.

Then it let me go.

My staff I also now leave behind.

Just in case you’re ever passing this way.


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