02.04 Aḍḍhakāsī Therī (25-26)


25. My wages of prostitution were as large as the revenue of the country of Kasi; the townspeople fixed that price and made me priceless in price.

26. Then I became disgusted with my beauty, and being disgusted I was disinterested in it. May I not run again through the journeying-on from rebirth to rebirth again and again. I have realized the three knowledges. I have done the Buddha’s teaching.


A night with me

used to cost more

than all the land

in Kasi.

But through all

the pricing and haggling,

I somehow lost interest

in being talked about

like a field of wheat.

Unlike any crop,

I have ripened

here in the shade

of these gentle trees.

A field for no farmer.

A land that has paid for itself.


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