01.09 Bhadrā Therī (9)

Norman 9. Bhadrā, having gone forth in faith, be one who delights in auspicious things (bhadra); develop good mental states [and] unsurpassed rest-from-exertion. Weingast You always considered yourself lucky because things seemed to work out the way you wanted. Now luck has a different meaning. Lucky to be walking a Path that finds peace in… Continue reading 01.09 Bhadrā Therī (9)

01.07 Another Dhīrā (7)

Read aloud in “Ayya Anandabodhi & Matty Weingast’s Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay – Silicon Valley” Note: Norman refers to her as “Another Dhīrā” but Weingast and other sources say Virā. Norman 7. You are Dhīrā because of your firm (dhīra) mental states; you are a bhikkhuni with developed faculties. Bear your last… Continue reading 01.07 Another Dhīrā (7)

01.04 Tissā Therī [Tissa the Third(sic.)] (4)

Note: Weingast titles this poem “Tissa the Third.” It has been mentioned here that there is in fact no Tissa the third in the Therigatha. However there is in the Theragatha. See Bhante Sujato’s translation. Norman 4. Tissā, be trained in the training; may the opportune occasions not pass you by. Unfettered from all ties,… Continue reading 01.04 Tissā Therī [Tissa the Third(sic.)] (4)