02.05 Cittā Therī [Chitta (sic.)] (27-28)

Norman 27. Although I am thin, sick, and very weak, I go along leaning on a stick, having climbed the mountain. 28. I threw down my outer robe and turned my bowl upside down; I propped myself against a rock, tearing asunder the mass of darkness [of ignorance]. Weingast Somehow I kept climbing— though tired,… Continue reading 02.05 Cittā Therī [Chitta (sic.)] (27-28)

02.03 A certain unknown bhikkhuni [Sumangala’s Mother] (23-24)

Read aloud in “Pamela Weiss Hosts Matty Weingast” Weingast, as well as others, title this “Sumangala’s Mother” Because Weingast’s poem is closer to that of Ajahn Thanissaro’s, it is presented next to that one first. Note: There is not implicit or explicit sexual meaning in the Pali. Ven Thanissaro So freed! So freed!So thoroughly freed… Continue reading 02.03 A certain unknown bhikkhuni [Sumangala’s Mother] (23-24)