Letter to Shambhala from Ajahn Brahmavamso 29 Jan 2021

Dear Shambhala Publications,

I have been contacted by a large number of my students, followers and friends, raising their concerns about a recent publication of Shambhala with the title The First Free Women: Poems of Early Buddhist Nuns.

They asked that I write to you to reinforce their legitimate disappointment that a respected Buddhist publisher like Shambhala would put such a title on a work that bears little if any connection to those inspiring verses, by Enlightened women, that adorn the Therigatha. The verses in First Free Women: Poems of Early Buddhist Nuns are NOT the “poems of early Buddhist Nuns”. In my view, they bear very little resemblance at all to those well loved ancient poems. As a result, the title can be seen as deceitful. Lying is highly unskilful in the practice of Dharma.

May I suggest that the title be amended to First Free Women: Poems inspired by the Early Buddhist Nuns, or something similar. Shambhala is a wonderful publishing house. I visited you some years ago in Halifax. Please don’t let down your supporters and friends.

With Mega Metta, Ajahn Brahm
29 January 2021