01.09 Bhadrā Therī (9)

Norman 9. Bhadrā, having gone forth in faith, be one who delights in auspicious things (bhadra); develop good mental states [and] unsurpassed rest-from-exertion. Weingast You always considered yourself lucky because things seemed to work out the way you wanted. Now luck has a different meaning. Lucky to be walking a Path that finds peace in… Continue reading 01.09 Bhadrā Therī (9)

01.07 Another Dhīrā (7)

Read aloud in “Ayya Anandabodhi & Matty Weingast’s Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay – Silicon Valley” Note: Norman refers to her as “Another Dhīrā” but Weingast and other sources say Virā. Norman 7. You are Dhīrā because of your firm (dhīra) mental states; you are a bhikkhuni with developed faculties. Bear your last… Continue reading 01.07 Another Dhīrā (7)