02.07 Mittā [Another Mitta] (31-32)

Weingast’s title is “Another Mitta ~ Friend”

This poem is read in the New Book Network Podcast.


31. The fourteenth, the fifteenth, and the eighth day of the fortnight, and a special day of the fortnight, I kept as a fast-day, which is well-connected with the eightfold precepts. I longed for rebirth in the world of deities.

32. Today with a single meal each day, with shaven head, clad in the outer robe, I do not wish for rebirth in the world of deities. I have removed the fear in my heart.


My mother always told me,

Be good—

and you’ll get


you ever


Now I eat once a day

and wear only

a shaved head

and double robe.

It took some strength.

It took some courage to try

and see for myself.

The younger me would never have believed.

But these days I’m good

without having to wonder

whether anyone

is watching—

or not.


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