07.2 Cālā Therī (182-187)

Weingast titles this “Chala[sic.] ~ the First Sister.”


182. Summoning up mindfulness, a bhikkhunī with developed faculties, I pierced the peaceful state, the stilling of the constituent elements, happiness.

183. “Following whose teaching have you shaved your head? You seem like an ascetic, but you do not approve of sectarians. Why do you practise this, being foolish?”

184. Sectarians outside this Order rely upon false views. They do not know the doctrine; they are not proficient in the doctrine.

185. The Buddha, the unrivalled one, was born in the Sakya clan. He taught me the doctrine, the complete overcoming of false views: pain, the uprising of pain, and the overcoming of pain, and the noble eightfold way leading to the stilling of pain.

186. I heard his utterance and dwelt delighting in his teaching. I have obtained the three knowledges. I have done the Buddha’s teaching.

187. Everywhere the enjoyment of pleasure is defeated; the mass of darkness [of ignorance] is torn asunder; in this way know, evil one, you are defeated, death.


What will be the last voice you hear—

right before you cut the chains of the world forever?

Will it be someone

who loved you

and cared for you?

And did you abandon them?

Did you break their heart?

It’s not too late, they’ll say.

You can still come back home.

In between

the passing away

of one voice

and the arising of another—

is the Path.



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