06.4 Sujātā Therī (145-150)


145. Ornamented, well-dressed, wearing a garland, smeared with sandalwood-paste, covered with all my ornaments, attended by a crowd of slave-women,

146. taking food and drink, food hard and soft, in no small quantity, going out from the house I betook myself to the pleasure garden.

147. Having delighted there, having played, coming back to my own house, I saw a vihāra. I entered the Añjana wood at Sāketa.

148. I saw the light of the world. I paid homage to him and sat down. In pity the one with vision taught me the doctrine.

149. And hearing the great seer, I completely pierced the truth. In that very place I attained the stainless doctrine, the state of the death-free.

150. Then knowing the true doctrine, I went forth into the houseless state. I have obtained the three knowledges; the Buddha’s teaching was not in vain.


The day began just like any other.

We dressed, ate breakfast, and went to the park.

As we were passing the Anjana Woods,

I remember someone saying,

Let’s go see the monastery.

We pushed open the door—

and there he was.

How did I know?

It was the eyes.

I sat down,

and the Buddha

taught me the Dharma.

You there.

Be ready.

Does today feel

just like

any other day?


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