05.10 Patācārā Therī (112-116)


112. Ploughing the field with ploughs, sowing seeds in the ground, nourishing wives and children, young men find wealth.

113. Why do I, possessed of virtuous conduct, complying with the teaching of the teacher, not obtain quenching? I am not slack, nor puffed-up.

114. I washed my feet and paid attention to the waters; and seeing the foot-water come flowing downhill from the high land to the low land, then I collected my mind, as [one collects] a noble thorough bred horse.

115. Then I took a lamp, and I entered my cell. I inspected the bed and sat on the couch.

116. Then I took a needle and drew out the wick. The complete release of my mind was like the quenching of the lamp.


Farmers turn up the soil, plant seeds, and wait.

All by itself,

water pours down from the sky

and turns earth into food.

After all these years

sleeping on the ground,

waking before dawn,

and begging for every meal—

where’s my harvest?

Late one evening,

I was washing my feet

after another long day

of sitting and walking.

The water



my feet

and onto

the ground.

I let my mind go,

and it flowed downhill with the water—

towards my little hut.

I went inside,

sat on the bed,

and lowered the wick of the lamp.

All by itself,

the flame




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